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Single layer semi-automatic box gluer

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Single layer semi-automatic box gluer

Detailed introduction

main feature:

1. Low investment, low risk, quick results, and cost saving.

2. Easy to operate, quick to change orders, save manpower and reduce sabotage.

3. Automatic counting, grinding speed, gluing, and automatic shutdown device to ensure uninterrupted production.

4. Paper feeding is accurate, gluing is accurate, uniform, and does not drag flowers.

5. Corrugated boxes and various colored pit boxes and card boxes can be used.

6. Make up for the deficiencies of the automatic box folding machine. (Such as extra-large, extra-thick, irregular embossment, long paper box, etc. can be used.)

7. The frequency converter can adjust the speed of the equipment, and the speed of the equipment can be changed arbitrarily.

8. Advanced design, unilateral or bilateral production according to user requirements.

9. Special electromechanical control, convenient maintenance, high production efficiency, and more guaranteed product quality.

Technique Paramete

Production sizeMax   Size1300x1100mm1500x1100mm1650*1100mm1800x1100mm2300x1100mm2700x1100mm
Production minimum sizeMin   Size260x280mm260x280mm260*280mm260x280mm300x300mm300x300mm
Student speedLaminating   speed10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min
Power requiredPower   required5kw5kw5kw10HP(7.5kw)12HP(9kw)12HP(9kw)
Mechanical volumeMachine   Dimension8.8x5.5x1.5m8.8x5.7x1.5m8.8x5.85x1.5m8.8x6x1.5m8.8x7.2x1.5m8.8x8.1x1.5m

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